Flaunt your individuality!


We first started out as an aspiring duo, who just wanted to find some way to spice up our boring wardrobe through inexpensive but stylish and wearable jewellery.


What began as a pastime to check out various trends and how corporate working outfits can be made a bit more exciting, transformed into a serious business to share with people the jewellery pieces that suits virtually any fashion style – be it boardroom, day-to-night, casual Fridays, and more.


Often, a piece of jewellery completes the look and endows the wearer with a alluring sense of style. Regardless of your fashion preference, we at Jewellery Lite work hard to offer something for all ladies. Subtle and classic pieces for work, statement pieces to stamp your individuality, and a romantic touch to everyday loves.


The quality of all pieces offered is guaranteed. We at Jewellery Lite have carefully examined all items to ensure that there are no damages or manufacturing flaws on them, before they are put on the catalogue. It’s always about your satisfaction.


All pieces come with a 30-days money-back refund guarantee.


We hold only very small quantities of each design, so if you already have your eye on one of them, don’t wait!

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