Summer time's the time to let your hair down and go bold with colours!

Featuring our Retro Circles earrings, Pea-in-a-pod Pendant, & Tribal Multi Bangles Set.


Ready for a night out? Pair gold with black for a deep luxurious look!

Featuring our Rich Golden Waterfall Necklace.



Who says office wear needs to be boring? Jazz it up with a pair of sparkling earrings! 

Choose between Sparkling Clover Drop Stud Earrings and Rich Golden Waterfall Earrings.



Ultra-relaxing doesn't mean ulta-sloppy. Pair a soft cotton tube dress with matching necklace and bracelet for a dash of vibrancy,

Featuring our Hallie B Long Necklace, and Hallie B Bracelet.




Monday no more blues, with this chic white-black ensemble!

Featuring our: Dazzling Doorknocker Studs, and Rock Star Multi Bangles Set.



Pairing colourful stripes with featured dangle earrings works up a playful attire, very suitable for a Friday night out after work with girlfriends, or a casual movie date.

Featuring our Spotted Feather Dangle Earrings, and Embellished Multi Bangles Set.


Mustard yellow for a bright and chirpy day ahead! Perhaps a nice dinner with your love?

Plain dresses work very well with bold and detailed necklaces, like the Balls Waterfall Necklace. Together with a statement fashion ring, the entire look is elegant and womanly.

Featuring our Balls Waterfall Necklace, and Black Velvet Lily Ring.


Fashionable monochromatic work look!

Featuring our Opulent Crescent Studs, and Bold Eight Bracelet


Casual look for the weekend! This nautical dress is a perfect canvas for just about anything. Hre, we're creating a casual summer look. Almost like walking out in the sun on a glorious afternoon.

Featuring our Olive Moreko Drop Earrings, Purple Moreko Drop Earrings, and A Beloved Locket Long Necklace.

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